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For Immediate Release                                                                                                              Contact: Bahby Banks

January 15, 2018                                                                                                              


Seven-Year Old Neuroscience Whiz Kid Makes Her Debut in the Triangle

Amoy Antunet Talks “Passion” at ENVISION Empowerment Experience™


Durham, NC – What were you doing when you were seven years old? Explaining neurotransmitters to an audience of millions online?


Amoy Antunet, the seven-year-old whiz kid wowing the Internet with her mastery of college-level science, will join area entrepreneurs as part of a fun-filled Q&A at the third annual ENVISION Empowerment Experience™.  For the past two years, Antunet has taken her talents to Facebook and YouTube to share a host of experiments and lessons with other children across the world.  Her latest video breaks down gamma-Aminobutyric acid and has been watched more than two million times.


Antunet’s interest in science began at the age of three, after stumbling across a microscope belonging to her father, Davin Shepherd.  She soon became his “study buddy,” grasping biology lessons her father studied while pursuing his undergraduate psychology degree.  She has since shared her knowledge of cell biology, cardiology and ophthalmology with the Internet — all while donning a pint-sized white lab coat.  From neuroscience to anatomy, this second grader from Atlanta, Georgia is wowing young and old-alike with her genius.  Antunet’s talent has garnered the attention of national and international media outlets, including BBC and CNN.


“The theme for ENVISION Empowerment Experience this year is ‘passion,’ and quite frankly I could not think of a better person to kick-off this event.  Amoy is passion personified,” says ENVISION workshop creator Dr. Bahby Banks.  “At a fundamental level, life is about discovering your passion, and connecting the dots to bring that passion to life.  It’s about pursuit.  Balance. What better example than a seven-year old who has mastered college-level science, all while participating in gymnastics and playing with dolls?”


Banks knows passion very well. As founder and CEO of Pillar Consulting, a Triangle-based research firm whose clientele includes Harvard University, NC A&T State University, Wake Forest University and UNC at Chapel Hill, she credits passion as the “lifesaver” that gave her the courage to launch her company and the annual workshop event.  “Whether through one-on-one career coaching or through program evaluation of a multi-site nationwide effort, my goal is to help clients align their efforts with their goals.”

ENVISION Empowerment Experience™ is a workshop intensive that allows participants to: 1) reflect on their personal and professional goals, 2) explore the lens through which they define and express themselves, 3) explore opportunities to network with other attendees and 4) commit to an action plan for the upcoming year.  This rapid-growing brand has brought attendees from as far as Miami, Washington, Columbia, South Carolina, and Richmond to Durham, North Carolina, and has expanded as a result of partnerships with the American Heart Association, Duke University, Shaw University and Partners for Youth Opportunities.  This year’s event is also supported by PNC Bank.


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