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Who's That Girl?
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Servant.  Intellectual.  Storyteller.  Goofball.  Globetrotter. 

Foodie.  Karaoke Lover.  Writer of Run-On Sentences.

Oh, and I play drums. 

Correction: I LOVE DRUMMING!  #DrummingIsLife 

Enjoy the videos below!

Brazilian Carnaval Performance with my

Batalá Durham family.

Surprise performance with Batalá Mundo after the ENVISION Empowerment Experience workshop!

Is "Bahby" short for something?

Um, no.  Not quite.  
"Bahby" is a creative feminization of my father, Robert’s, name.  As much as I would love to claim my name as having some foreign or exotic origins, the unique spelling was his idea.  That's it.  While I have, unfortunately, been called everything but Bahby, one thing is for certain: People do not forget my name.  So for that, I would like to thank my parents!  By derivation, my name means “bright fame”.  I have never had dreams of being an entertainer or celebrity, but my friends have said that I have certainly missed my calling.  Well, the fat lady didn't sing, so...

Where are you from?

I typically get this question because people can't quite place my accent.  I'd describe it as a "Southern-drawl with hints of Boston and Tidewater"?  I was a military brat for most of my childhood,  so "home" was wherever we spent the holidays!

There is no doubt my roots are Southern (as evidenced by my frequent use of “y’all” and my love of grits, sweet tea, mangoes and all things citrus-y), but having spent a quarter of my life in near-arctic regions I’ve come to love snow, fall foliage, apple cider and clam chowder.   I am a (super)sponge in every way, so THESE--combined with my love of foreign languages leads to quite a bit of confusion.  

What (or who) inspires you?

My mother, Dorothy Gaines Banks.

My great grandmother, Rosie Lee Wesley.



Where have you traveled? What's your favorite destination?

[Cue Shirley Ceaser's "You Name It'"] 
Amsterdam, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Malawi, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Saint Lucia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland. 

My favorite destination is Salvador da Bahia in northeastern Brazil. 

What would you say is the most random thing  about you?

​Ha, ha.  My friends would say there are too many to name.  Take a look at my (somewhat obligatory) list of "Random Things about Me". 

  1. Prefer to watch television with closed captioning on.  
    No real rationale other than I believe it enriches the viewing experience.  

  2. Have broken, sprained or strained everything between my eyeballs and toes.  
    Three older brothers—need I say more?

  3. Will speak in a foreign language whenever the spirit moves me.  
    Don’t judge me.

  4. Can do spot-on impressions of Fire Marshall Bill and Carlton Banks…for a nominal fee.  ☺

  5. Love children.  And puppies.  
    Not in any particular order.

  6. Read magazines from back to front.

  7. Am allergic to everything.  
    Including the puppies mentioned above.
    But not rocks.
    Or air.  

  8. I ask a lot of random questions. A lot.
    (Example: "Why aren't cinnamon candies brown? I've never seen red cinnamon before...")

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