It's Our Anniversary!

 ENVISION: A soul-stirring, transformative empowerment event!

Join us for ENVISION Empowerment Experience (“ENVISION”), a half-day workshop intensive facilitated by Dr. Bahby!  This year’s event is a follow-up to three highly successful, sold out events sponsored by businesses throughout the United States.  This rapid-growing brand has brought attendees from as far as Miami, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Columbia, Knoxville, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Baltimore, Louisville, Winston-Salem, Richmond, Greensboro, Newport News and Silver Springs (to name a few)!  ENVISION is a workshop intensive that allows participants to:

  • reflect on their personal and professional goals

  • explore the lens through which women define and express themselves

  • engage in small group conversations

  • expand their network with like-minded people

  • create motivational vision boards

  • commit to an action plan for the upcoming year

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Our inaugural event included Dr. Bahby and guest speakers sharing their wellness journeys with attendees.  We talked vision, self-love and healing.  This-sold out event also included a healthy gourmet lunch, a variety of reflective activities and high-impact cardio  from Erica Dixon to round out the day!

We kicked off year three with a keynote from pint-sized  7-year old genius Amoy Antunet, learned how to meditate and breathe, heard reflections from veteran #ENVISIONers

and danced our way into 2018!

Also.  Yes.
That is Dr. Bahby playing the drum.


"Take Flight"



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Our icebreaker involved a bit of vulnerability as we "spilled the tea" with each other.  After that? We cut, dazzled and blinged out t-shirts as part of our  

"Authentici-TEE" party! 

We always incorporate wellness activities as part of ENVISION:



Sometimes a little unscripted cardio.
Year 2?

 #ENVISIONer "Soul Train" line!

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lisa carter rduenvision2018.jpg





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Next year’s event is a follow-up to six highly successful, sold out annual events sponsored by businesses throughout the United States.  We would like to extend an invitation for you to become a sponsor for ENVISION 2020!  Your investment not only allows women to attend the event at a reduced cost, it also ensures high visibility for your brand.  Contact us today for more information!

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What's Next? 

Bring ENVISION to your city!

Liven Up Your Leadership Retreat!


1-on-1 Virtual Vision Boarding

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Group Virtual Vision Boarding

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