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"Each aspect of 

ENVISION was an absolute knock-it-out-of-the-park move."

--Angel, D., Durham, NC

 ENVISION: A soul-stirring, transformative half-day empowerment event!

Join us for ENVISION Empowerment Experience (“ENVISION”), a half-day workshop intensive facilitated by Dr. Bahby Banks!  This year’s event is a follow-up to two highly successful, sold out events sponsored by businesses throughout the United States.  This rapid-growing brand has brought attendees from as far as Miami, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Columbia, Knoxville, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Baltimore, Louisville, Winston-Salem, Richmond, Greensboro, Newport News and Silver Springs (to name a few)!  ENVISION is a workshop intensive that allows participants to:

  • reflect on their personal and professional goals

  • explore the lens through which women define and express themselves

  • engage in small group conversations

  • expand their network with like-minded people

  • create motivational vision boards

  • commit to an action plan for the upcoming year

Did you hear about our "Pop Up" event in New Orleans?

Whether you come alone or bring a group, we guarantee you will be embraced by this community and enjoy a day filled with lots of learning and laughter!  The theme for ENVISION in 2018 is "Passion".  Come prepared to learn strategies to pursue your dreams with clarity (and vigor)!  We will also discuss ways to keep energies and passions as you navigate through the upcoming year.  

Given high interest in the annual ENVISION event, Dr. Bahby has expanded the brand to include “Mommy & Me”, “Campus Crawl”, “Millennial Edition”, and "H.E.A.R.T.S".   To date over 1,400 women, youth and university students have been directly reached with the ENVISION brand.  This expansion has included partnerships with:

  • American Heart Association  

  • Duke University  

  • Partners for Youth Opportunities 

  • Shaw University   


Contact us to learn more about incorporating these high-energy workshops tailored for mothers and daughters, college students,  youth and the 

general public!  Ready to book your event? Submit your information here!

Bahby Drumming

The Grand Finale!

Dr. Bahby shares her passion with Durham #ENVISIONers!

ENVISION 2018 Speakers

Durham, NC 

Amoy Antunet’s interest in science began at the age of three, after stumbling across a microscope belonging to her father, Davin Shepherd.  She soon became his “study buddy,” grasping biology lessons her father studied while pursuing his undergraduate psychology degree.  She has since shared her knowledge of cell biology, cardiology and ophthalmology with the Internet — all while donning a pint-sized white lab coat.  


For the past two years, Amoy has taken her talents to Facebook and YouTube to share a host of experiments and lessons with other children across the world.  From neuroscience to anatomy, this second grader from Atlanta, Georgia is wowing young and old-alike with her genius.  Her latest video breaks down gamma-Aminobutyric acid and has been watched more than two million times. Amoy’s talent has garnered the attention of national and international media outlets, including BBC and CNN.

For 10 years Jilene Hope-Spencer navigated the corporate world as a technical project manager. After the birth of her first child, she stepped away to reestablish internal balance and invest in her spiritual wellness.  This journey led her to the west-end of Jamaica where she trained under Master Instructor, Yirser Ra Hotep, in the ancient art of Kemetic Yoga. The experience empowered her to shed the emotional burden of corporate life and realign her life's unique path without fear.


Today, as the owner and operator of Sky Fiyah L.L.C, Jilene uses the Rule of Four Breathing, meditation and geometric progression of the body to help women learn to balance themselves from the inside out.   With heightened awareness of self and full control of their intentions, Jilene helps others realize their blockages and push through them “one breath at a time…together”.

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