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Dr. Bahby Banks
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Envision this: Getting motivated. Getting stimulated. Getting a chance to elevate your sights, grab some new tools and become fully prepared to send your best self out into the world.


It’s all made possible thanks to the talent, experience, energy and enthusiasm of Dr. Bahby Banks — creator, host, guide, cheerleader and MC extraordinaire of ENVISION Empowerment Experience™.


Bahby’s been there, and she’s done that, from earning her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill of drumming her way through the streets of  Havana, Cuba as a member of Batalá Mundo; from presenting at scientific conferences in Mexico and Australia to hang gliding over the sandy beaches of Brazil; from being a studiously professional researcher for the likes of the World Health Organization to getting seriously silly whenever the mood strikes. (Karaoke anyone?)

Along the way she discovered an ability and love for sharing her stories and insights. She also discovered a gift for reaching people where they are, and helping give them the push to get where they want to go.

So she’s shaped and funneled and boiled the stories she’s lived and the lessons she’s learned into a host of executive leadership seminars, including ENVISION Empowerment Experience™, where she shares her talents even farther and wider.


Bahby is passionate about encouraging her audiences to set audacious goals, pursue big dreams and define their own visions for success. Her sessions are always interactive, entertaining and inspirational; attendees leave invigorated, enlightened and ready to take on the world.


It’s hard to fully appreciate until you have the Experience, but know for sure that you’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you may cry, you’ll definitely change. And by God you will dance.

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Recent News and Announcements

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An Honored Distinction:
Dr. Banks Receives 
Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award
Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 9.53.06 AM.png
Dean Galea and Bahby Banks, PHL 11-4-19.
Recent Appearances

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in the Time of COVID-19"

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Dr. Bahby NPR WUNC Interview ENVISION Pi

""Mele Kalikimaka me ka hauʻoli makahiki hou!"
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What Are People Saying?!

"Dr. Bahby gave the most powerful presentation I ever experienced at any conference I've ever been to. Ever." 

- Virginia Women's Conference

"The information provided was awesome! Dr. Bahby was exciting and very engaging with the audience!!

I could have gone another hour with her!”

-  "The Confidence Conundrum"

"I appreciated your honest discussion on career path, success and networking; these lessons are those that will always stay with me."

- Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health Student Leadership Institute

"This will be one of those moments captured in time that will always be remembered!" 

- "Mommy & Me" ENVISION Empowerment Experience

"Dr Bahby has a way of enlightening the soul with her laughter and positive demeanor.” 

- Virginia Women's Conference

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