What's new in 2020?!


This whole pandemic has us tired, too.

We all know the names by now:




"The 'Rona".

While there is much we don't know about the coronavirus, there is ONE thing we do know:

We don't want anyone to have it.

Business leaders are becoming more and more concerned with what they call the "skills gap" in today's science technology, engineering and math (STEM) graduates. They're concerned that today's generation doesn't have all of the necessary soft skills to succeed in today's workplace.
Historical focus on student expertise in their field may neglect to realize how important it is to actively work on skills like communication, time management or conflict resolution. These skills are critical in the workplace, and being able to demonstrate them can really help a student stand out in today's competitive job market.
Dr. Bahby's VSLS training offers an engaging and immersive experience for students to learn and apply critical skills that will position them for success after graduation. This experiential learning experience will offer your students a wealth of knowledge and hands-on application while engaging with course content and collaborating with their peers.
In brief, Dr. Bahby has been there and done that! 
Her undergraduate and graduate training in STEM fields (biology, chemistry, epidemiology and biostatistics) coupled with her global and corporate leadership expertise position her uniquely to address the "skills gap" experienced by many students.  She has been coined a "multigenerational" speaker who has a gift for connecting with a wide variety of audiences.  Dr. Bahby's commitment to developing the next generation of leaders is evidenced by her 15+ years of development and facilitation of professional development workshops with university students throughout the U.S.  In addition to serving as the CEO of Pillar Consulting, Inc., a program evaluation research firm headquartered in Durham, NC, Dr. Bahby currently serves as adjunct faculty in the Public Health Leadership Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 
The VSLS includes six (6) virtual sessions that combine a variety of didactic and experiential learning activities for students. Students will also receive access to course materials and web support for the duration of their enrollment.

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